They Dream For Us

Lisa Gibbons

Artist Statement

In a time of crisis, when the present ways no longer suffice, the people await a messenger, who reminds them of the old ways and helps cultivate a new way of seeing and living. 13-3841My recent work represents messengers from beyond the human-centred world, our familiar, yet strange, wild relatives: Raven, Owl, Wolf, Salmon and other animals. These messengers arrive among us not only from the wild places, but from another time, perhaps from timelessness. They bring not just a new message, but an entirely new type of message. The wild creatures, as spirit guides, urge us to discard old ways of seeing, to open our eyes anew. They warn that humanity has grown away from Nature, out of balance, out of harmony with the wild Earth that gives us life. The messages that they bring are not limited to one culture, nation, or point of view, but rather reverberate globally, across all cultures. Among these images we find aspects of humanity, the seekers, builders, strugglers, and lost souls in need of guidance. The messengers help reconcile the divided self, the divided past, and unresolved loss. We learn that our attachment to past wounds traps us in old, dysfunctional ways of seeing. The messengers offer healing in the present and honour those lost in the past. Old memories are ignited. We learn that seeds, planted in our souls many eons ago, have the ability to sprout, grow, and blossom, that we may rediscover the ways of communion with all life. 04-3818The installation piece, “Vessel,” made from natural materials, bears bundles that represent memories and hopes for our collective future. Visitors may add something into the boat, a written message, an offering, a wish, or images from a dream. This body of new work explores a universal collective unconscious and personal deep memories. The collective unconscious is the realm of ancient memory, archetypes, stories, and feelings that become universal, although we may not always be aware of their presence. For me, personal memory is not an intellectual or rational process, but rather an intuitive, subconscious memory of the emotional and physical body. The creative process helps me connect to an essential part of myself, gathering bits of meaning through objects and images, which resonate together. The work consists primarily of mixed media. I have combined drawings, water colour, acrylic paint, found objects, and bees wax. I was drawn to rich, vibrant colours which seem to reflect two worlds: A world we see and a world we can’t see. I dedicate this work to each and everyone in my incredible family, in particular, my three beautiful, amazing sons Jack, Jonah and Liam. I’d like to acknowledge and thank several people who helped make this show possible. Firstly, I thank Denise, Norm and Rex for their wonderful hands on support and total encouragement. I also wish to thank David Shipway for his gentle support and consultation while I embarked on my first “boat” building experience. Lastly, I wish to acknowledge two wonderful artists, who taught me and nurtured my artist vision from an early age, Anna Strannan  and Judith Williams.

Lisa Gibbons, July, 2014 ============================================================================================ Photography by Richard Trueman

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