The Territory of Home

Priya Huffman

The Territory of Home spans the vast geography of self, leading us poem by poem to our true calling, to the bravery it takes for each of us to finally name those things that matter most, those great distances we all need to travel.” Ginny Jordan


IMG_2021Priya Huffman has worked as a Jungian psychotherapist, personal growth workshop leader, and somatic psychology adjunct teacher at Naropa University. She currently leads women’s dream groups in Boulder, Colorado.

Priya holds an undergraduate degree in Philosophy and Psychology and a masters in Psychology, both from Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland. She is a potter, poet, mother, and grandmother, who lives in Boulder, Colorado and on Cortes Island, British Columbia with her husband and dogs.

Artist Statement:


          for Anthony O’Brien

‘every poem is a confession’…..Borges.

I say each poem is
a declaration of love, a handprint
on the cave of our lives

whether anyone sees or cares

a simple affirmation of a speck
of stardust made manifest singing

the scenic attractions
of the inevitable

I was here, I am here, why not roar
dance, throw a pot
write a poem

was the world ever hurt
by a pot, or a poem?

Selection from The Territory of Home


today we walked smelt bay
grateful, the wolves are denning,
our dogs run free, exuberant

naked feet burrow
warm damp sand
between giggling toes
we bend our knees
touch soft ground
trace with tender tips
rounded ridges of shells
palm smooth weighted rocks

squint into dancing light
catch the tail wing of silver gulls
shimming swell tips
flare eager nostrils
smell air salt.

open arms
breathe full long deep
stretch out and up
and wonder
will we remember?

when cold’s heavy mantle
settles around our shoulders
enfolds us in her mighty arms,
when winter’s sun shines meekly
we look up in sympathy, in hope
that she will muster her powers
will rally against all odds, will save us
yet again from our darkness.

will we remember
that living the seasons
is the preparation
is the practice
for the hard but enviable task
of dying with grace?


full voices housed
in tiny pulsing bodies
batting luminous wings
sound first light
that slides up from
earth’s underbelly

as if charmed by
authentic song
she turns in her
languorous sleep
rolls her great body
around for another day.

i’m reminded of
that lazy cobra coiled
in her wicker basket
on dusty pavement
who, through training
or irresistible urge is called
up to her full and awesome
height by one soft
fluted sound.

have you ever wondered
whether this music lives
each morning whether
you sleep or die

and whether if by sweet accident
or purposeful intent, you do
indeed wake up, you will rise
to the gift of one more chance?


draw back from the limelight
easy as tender meat from a bone

the connective tissue has
done it’s work, now
gives way

releases you
with little


as you trail in your wake
of tired aspirations,
half finished ambitions
grief for the uncorrectables

that well of cool
beckoning silence
where you can
wash the dye from your hair
the polish from your nails,
make up from your face
all naked now
you stand
to be

wrapped in arms
of soothing quiet

ready to accept
the generous
gift of less.

               journey to india

every contingency
strapped safely on
your broad weighted back

adventures’ seductive call
registers in wide eager eyes.

awakened from a troubled sleep
when the clock struck midnight
and left you frozen at the border
of your terrors, you stop

before the Turkish guards
board your train with their guns
dogs, with their flash lights that compress
the pupils of your imagination, disturb the
lexicon of your dreams and secret desires

you shed the excess, the extra sweaters, socks
wooly hat, the boredom books, first aid, maps
chest hammering
you stand, light
ready to start
the journey

open handed.


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IMG_0058Poetry informed
by life’s inevitable

by sources
of renewal

by the natural

by Cortes Island

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