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Paint the Effect

Rex Weyler

On July 19 of this year, Canadian poet and author Dennis E. Bolen published a review, in the Vancouver Sun, referring to the Norm Gibbons novel, Voyage of the Arrogant, as “narrative impressionism.” The term appeared new to me, but made sense. Impressionism emerged as a visual art revolution, but it rose from roots in […]


Norm Gibbons

 HUBRIS by Norm Gibbons In literature we see no better treatment of hubris than in the sonnet poem, Ozymandias, by Percy Bysshe Shelley, first published in 1818. The fair copy draft below (c.1817) gives us an “almost done” feel of the poem as written by the poet.                 […]


Norm Gibbons

 Salmonberry by Norm Gibbons  Consider the name. Does it not sound like a celebration? On Cortes Island we often curse the more aggressive native plants.  Horsetail, salal, ferns, brambles, and exotics, like couch grass and broom, give us nightmares. They invade gardens, grow over trails and force us to concede that nature remains in charge. […]