Errant Creed

Darshan Stevens

Artist Statement and Bio


Darshan and Friend

Darshan has always been fixated on art as a vehicle for understanding her place in the world. As an early teen, she wrote and read poetry and played and listened to music voraciously. After working in the restaurant industry for a decade, she decided on a career that would combine creativity with making a living.In 2009, she completed a diploma in photography and journalism and has since  worked as a photographer.

“Before I became a photographer,” she recalls, “I was  interested in literature, particularly poetry. Reading and writing of poetry remains my most potent muse. My love of poetry translates into the visual narrative of Errant Creed.”

Errant Creed is a commentary about a singular and subjective way of perceiving ourselves in the world. It explores the “stuckness” this subjectivity creates—the inability to see outside of our inadvertently created tunnel vision.


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