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Uncovering Spirit

Donna Naven

 Artist Statement: I am a stone carver. Earth’s rocks have always been with us and for at least 30,000 years, humans have manipulated stones to provide meaning. The 25,000 year old stone figure of the Mother Earth Goddess is my inspiration. I have always collected stones from BC beaches and admired their solid strength and […]

The Last Stand

David Ellingsen

BIO David Ellingsen is a photographer and environmental artist, who creates images of site-specific installations, landscapes and object studies. The Last Stand images speak to humanity’s impact on the natural world, and are motivated by the challenges of sustainability within contemporary Western culture. Since 2001, David has exhibited his work in  commercial and public galleries in […]

It Takes Time To Dress A Woman

Norm Gibbons

The creative process is mysterious. The artist, Denise Gibbons, was attracted to clothing labels not knowing where the infatuation would lead. Similarly, when she acquired the mid-century-modern mannequin from Joan Bevington, Denise put the “dolly” in a corner of her studio, where it patiently awaited metamorphosis. One may wonder, at some point, did a psychic […]

This Vivisection of Desolation

Christian Gronau

Christian Gronau and Aileen Douglas study this panorama every day. Our second slideshow presentation explores the many moods of Desolation Sound, the most beautiful marine park in all of creation. Captain George Vancouver named this place in 1792, but never saw the Sound like we do. Click on first image, then fullscreen, play, and pause if you want a closer look.  by […]

Beauty is Truth

Richard Trueman

This is the first in a series of slideshows presented by Salmonberry Arts. Richard Trueman is never without his camera and has taught photography for 15 years. On Cortes, he covers community events, archives for artists, gives workshops, and generally seeks the quality of light as a daily meditation. As Richard comments, “A day without […]