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Weep Not For Me: #10

Norm Gibbons

In 1963, during the height of the Cold War, a couple of months before the Oswald patsy killed JFK, I had been wandering “unsupervised” around the old USSR mainly by train, other times by bus, or private vehicle. Frequently, I walked happily from one small town to the next just to get exercise. The Intourist […]

HOPE: #8

Norm Gibbons

Some years ago, I ventured from Newman Bend near the foothills of the Rocky Mountains on the Alberta side. I had spent several months in the small town recuperating from a mysterious ailment at the “Layover Hotel,” as it was commonly known by the longer term residents. When I received my discharge notice, an inmate of […]

No Kabul? Yes, Kabul: #6

Norm Gibbons

Due to a state of aroused fugue, or perhaps it was nothing more than chronic restlessness, during the month of August, 1962, I lived with the nomad peoples of the Kyrgyz in the Afghan region of the Pamir, also known as Bam-e-dunyahe, or roof of the world. Below their territory lies the Wakhan Corridor, a thin strip […]