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Leaving Liverpool: 1937

Patricia Skidmore

By Patricia Skidmore From the 17th century until 1974, the British empire deemed some families too poor to look after their own children, seized hundreds of thousands of those children, and shipped them to Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and Canada as “white stock” and cheap labour for the colonies. Between 1883 and 1948, Britain […]

Saving the Songs of Innocence

John Dixon

From time to time, Salmonberry Arts will introduce a guest artist. The following short story was written by John Dixon, who has lived in and cruised the Desolation Sound area for many years. SAVING THE SONGS OF INNOCENCE by John Dixon  When I was a little boy, we called them Blackfish. My father and I […]

In Search of Duende

Norm Gibbons

DUENDE HAS its roots in Andalusia. The Romani on their long migrations from Northern India centuries ago are credited with bringing the concept to the West. They would not agree however that duende is a concept. They think of it more literally as a power or force. A fortunate few have seen duende, or heard it, […]


Norm Gibbons

 HUBRIS by Norm Gibbons In literature we see no better treatment of hubris than in the sonnet poem, Ozymandias, by Percy Bysshe Shelley, first published in 1818. The fair copy draft below (c.1817) gives us an “almost done” feel of the poem as written by the poet.                 […]