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HOPE: #8

Norm Gibbons

Some years ago, I ventured from Newman Bend near the foothills of the Rocky Mountains on the Alberta side. I had spent several months in the small town recuperating from a mysterious ailment at the “Layover Hotel,” as it was commonly known by the longer term residents. When I received my discharge notice, an inmate of […]

No Kabul? Yes, Kabul: #6

Norm Gibbons

Due to a state of aroused fugue, or perhaps it was nothing more than chronic restlessness, during the month of August, 1962, I lived with the nomad peoples of the Kyrgyz in the Afghan region of the Pamir, also known as Bam-e-dunyahe, or roof of the world. Below their territory lies the Wakhan Corridor, a thin strip […]

Erika Moss Gordon: Unlearning through poetry

Erika Moss

This poetry embraces the world, unites spirit and matter, illuminates the ordinary, and takes root in the human condition to celebrate it. Erika Moss Gordon lives in the mountains of southwest Colorado with her two beautiful children, where she writes poetry, works for a film festival, and teaches yoga.  Liquid Light Press published her poetry collection, Of Eyes and […]

Paint the Effect

Rex Weyler

On July 19 of this year, Canadian poet and author Dennis E. Bolen published a review, in the Vancouver Sun, referring to the Norm Gibbons novel, Voyage of the Arrogant, as “narrative impressionism.” The term appeared new to me, but made sense. Impressionism emerged as a visual art revolution, but it rose from roots in […]

What’s in an Acronym?

Rex Weyler

Undefined EAJs send journalist OTE While wading through one of those “green” business stories, in which the author hypes a scheme to make tons of money while simultaneously remaining, you know, socially responsible and Earth friendly, I came across this line: “Consider urban development projects in an FSR range of 3 to 5.” Things went […]

Cortes Art

Monica Nawrocki

Last year, the Credit Union asked me to put together “some sort of writing theme” for their display window. The exhibition featured a book collection by local authors. I probably missed a few, but still managed to fill an entire shelf. For the uninitiated, our island has a population of about 900 souls. My favourite fiction […]

The Naming Nightmare

Norm Gibbons

Feature image above by Christian Gronau ============================ In Passage to Juneau, Jonathan Raban comments on why Captain George Vancouver – one of Britain’s greatest explorers, navigators and map makers – fabricated such a colossal misrepresentation of a renowned inland sea considered today the most beautiful marine park in all of creation: “The turbulence and disorder of this place brought […]