Salmonberry Arts and Publishing

“ Beauty is truth, truth beauty.

John Keats – Ode on a Grecian Urn, 1819

In 2013, a group of visual artists, writers, and musicians on Cortes Island in British Columbia, Canada, created Salmonberry Arts and Publishing to showcase original art. Our goal is to create, share, and inspire art.

SourceIn addition to the insights and feelings one experiences with art, we believe aesthetic works play a social role. Art that arises from a genuine spirit of creativity can serve society during its necessary evolution. Art speaks the language of relationship and metaphor. Relationships are what endures in nature, and metaphor helps us discover variation in life`s patterns,  new ways of seeing and living. Creative acts give form to our rapport with friends, family, community, and with nature. Beauty helps us glimpse the sacred and mysterious in our world.

We have posted some of our own work, and over time, we will add new artists to our website. Stay tuned.

We supply galleries and stores with books, prints, cards, CDs, and original artwork.

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